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Peppi's Tailor custom tailors women's clothes including jackets, blazers, coats, pant suits, skirt suits, skirts, pants, trousers and blouses. All garments are hand cut and sewn by expert Chinese tailors while Italian interlinings and silk satin linings are used in our tailored suits. All suits and jackets are hand basted and finished with exquisite linings,  and double internal reverse stitching.
We can handle range of fabrics like cashmere, merino wool, super wools, twills, gabardines, Chinese silk, Thai silk, linens, oxford cottons and Egyptian cottons from Italy, England, France and other countries.

We can also source any particular fabric, colour or design and pattern that we do not have in stock on client request. We can fix

Hem skirt with out lining
hem with lining
bring up straps
add darts
change zipper
re shape the dress
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Jacket sleeve length (non-working buttons & lined)
Jacket sleeve length (working buttons & lined)
Bring in or opening up the torso on a jacket
Taper sleeves - Jacket length
Rotating the jacket sleeve (correcting for arm pitch)
Relining the jacket
Adjusting the shoulders
Changing the posture of a jacket
replacing jackets inner pocket
Emergency Tailoring &  Same Day Service.